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Munchery Plaid Box Review

To start you get to customize your menu based on your dietary needs and likes. Then they put together dinners for you based on your preferences. If you don’t like the meals they have chosen you are able to swap them out for other options. They send you 3 meals at a time. I was […]

Peak 8 Fitness

For the most part I simply get regular exercise, try to eat clean and focusing on feeling healthy. Diets and gyms just aren’t my thang. I like going to fitness classes, however it can be hard getting my booty to class. So I decided to switch things up and work with this fantastic and empowering woman, Niccole founder of […]

Corepower Boot Camp Recap

*Entire outfit from Fabletics *  Yesterday I completed my first ever Boot Camp at Corepower Yoga. It was intense. Monday-Friday 6-7am circuit training workouts with a break in the middle for cardio and abs, then Saturdays 7-8am we would do Tabata workouts and we were encouraged to take our usual yoga classes on top of this. I […]

6 Things to Boost Your Mood

Acknowledge your bad mood. I happen to work with my mom and because of our level of comfort with each other she usually gets the brunt of my frustration. Rather than being a brat, I try my hardest to be upfront and simply let her know that I’m having a moment (or a day). Maybe […]

The Pineapple Craze

  I’m not sure if you guys noticed, but pineapples are everywhere. From home decor to fashion, the tropical fruit is making a statement. I have really love pineapples, not only because they are so cute and fun but because they are a delicious tropical treat! Pineapples are a powerful anti-inflammatory and helps boost digestion. It also […]