April 24
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Jewelry and accessories can really make an outfit pop and also make it interesting. Even a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit can be immediately elevated with jewelry. A good piece of jewelry is never a bad thing to invest in but if your looking for great, everyday pieces that are friendly on your wallet Happiness Boutique is a great place to stock up! Especially since you can get 10% OFF with code everyonceinastyle
until May 25th.
I’m a fan of all metals and even mixing metals but gold is definitely my favorite and my most worn. I fell in love with this circle necklace
because it can add so much to a neckline.
Layering is sooo in right now and this delicate choker
is a great base to add as many other necklaces as you want.
Being from Colorado I couldn’t pass up this adorable mountain necklace.
I kept it simple here but you really could layer this up with so many other necklaces as well.
  1. Your photographs are great and jewelry taste is amazing! Great post

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