Ever since I first started getting into fitness, I have loved buying new, cute activewear because it would make me even more excited to go get my sweat on. However, with athleisure becoming even more popular, it’s socially acceptable to wear athletic clothing anytime, anywhere. Considering how cute and versatile activewear trends are at the moment, I’ll take any excuse to wear my workout outfit all day.

For anyone wanting to make an impact at the gym or on the street, you’re in luck: anything and everything in active wear can be found in bold patterns and colors. The gym is the perfect place to experiment with a neon pink or a unique snakeskin print because, if your clothes are bold, you will feel bold enough bounce back from any workout. Bright orange and camouflage are also having their moments right now, and active wear is the perfect way to incorporate these eye-catching colors and patterns into your everyday look.

If you are looking for a more bohemian take on athleisure or if you’re more of a yogi, flowy pieces are going to be your best friend. Onesies are ideal for stretching and moving around because there is no worry about your shirt or leggings moving around, and (for an added bonus) you only have to throw on one piece and your outfit is complete.

Shirts and leggings aren’t the only pieces being revamped, sports bras have received an update with new details and angular designs. Mesh embellishments add an extra touch that increases the athletic vibes and breathability. Added straps in criss cross and asymmetrical patterns give a more modern look to every girl’s sporty staple that makes the sports bra cute enough to stand on its own.

Get ready to earn your stripes! Linear and geometric details are the chicest updates to the gym. Squares, rectangles, and triangles aren’t just for math class, shapes add a minimalistic touch to a basic legging.  Linear, track style patterns give the appearance of added length, making you look long and lean on pants and jackets that are too-cute-for-just-the-gym. 

Comfort culture has reached a new height with the early 2000’s staple, the tracksuit. These retro suits have been modernized with new logo designs, cutouts, and reflective details, and slimmer 2018 fit is way more flattering. Matching sets and sporty jackets will also have feeling like a track star. Tracksuits are your power two piece combo; they are simple, comfy, easy to throw on and run out the door, and perfect for a woman on the move.



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