Summer is in full swing and I don’t know about you but my plans include as much pool time as I can get! Let’s be real, swim shopping is hard. I’m actually glad for online shopping these days because honestly nothing is worse than trying on swimwear in a dressing room with unflattering lighting and mirrors. Swimwear has come so far, there are so many unique styles these days and so many different brands to find your perfect suit. There are so many new trends out there but here are some of my favorites of the season.

Move over bikini the one piece is here to stay! Hallelujah! One pieces come with so many great details, cutouts, zippers, mesh, tassels, the list is endless. Find the one piece that flaunts your favorite asset, if that’s cleavage-go for low cut, booty-find a cheeky cut, legs-go for the high sides. 
Some of the mega sexy one pieces can double as a cute bodysuit, win win! 


Off the shoulder trend has transitioned from tops to swim and I’m here for it! Whether it be bold stripes or island florals this silhouette is flirty and fun! 


The fashion God’s really blessed us when they brought back the high waisted bikini. We all have days where showing off our belly is just not the thing we want to do, am I right? Of course you have to make sure that the high waist doesn’t make you look grandma-ish or like you’re wearing a diaper so find one that hits you at the small part of your waist.


Hey, the 80’s called and they want their suits back…but we are keeping them! The high cut trend was questioned and resisted at first but now it is being embraced and never looked better! Flaunt your legs with these super retro high rise suits, for all of us short gals this is a bonus because it gives the illusion on the long legs we’ll never have. I love the high cut one pieces with a belt or add your own! So flattering. I’m going full 80’s and am on the hunt for the perfect neon high cut suit, stay tuned.  



Happy swimming! 



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