Belt Bag

I never thought I would say this but the belt bag is top of this list for me. The belt bag, formally known as the fanny pack, has made a huge comeback. I know fashion repeats itself but I never would have thought the fanny pack would come back so strong. Honestly though, who doesn’t want a hands free bag?! The makeover the fanny pack got has turned it into this stylish statement piece that’s practical and versatile. Wear it around your hips, waist or like a crossbody, with jeans, dresses or jumpsuits, this bag is a must have. 

Circle Bags

These circle bags give off such a fun retro vibe. I love that they come in different prints! Also, check out the super popular wicker circle bags below. 

Wicker Bags

What started off as a beach bag is no longer just for the beach! Wicker bags come in a variety of styles anything from clutches, beach totes, woven baskets and crossbody, you have your pick! If you’re feeling extra get one with fun, trendy details like tassels, pom pom and fringe.

Ring Bag or Bracelet Bag

Bracelet bags just feel so high fashion and so chic. They make such and impact and really elevate any look. It’s the perfect arm candy. 

The Bucket Bag

One of the most practical bags on the list. This is the bag that never really goes out of style but has a cute comeback moment every couple years. Bucket bags are perfect for everyday because they fit so much, it’s not structured so it’s perfect for casual. 


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