May 3

Happy May my loves! 

It’s the start of the month and time for a fresh and new monthly mantra. I have to give myself a pat on the back because last month’s mantra was, “get comfortable being uncomfortable” and I did. I pretty much dove head first into uncomfortable and have been swimming around in there for awhile now. The water isn’t so bad, I hope you tried it too! Pushing myself to do things outside my comfort zone (mostly in the business and dating world) has already started to help open new doors and find new areas for growth, so I think I’ll keep at it. 

May is my birthday month and I am turning 30! Wow. I’m not afraid of getting older but it is weird. I remember when 30 seemed old. It’s the true passage into full on adulthood. I’ve been doing a lot of “getting ready” the past month by clearing out stuff I don’t use or no longer need, organizing my apartment, organizing my office, going through files and crowding out old habits by adding in better habits. This has been a subconscious thing but I realized today that I can feel a whole lot of new getting ready to come into my life. This next decade is going to be pretty amazing. One thing that I really feel is different about me now than in my twenties is I believe in myself. Finally. And it feels good. So this month’s mantra is 


When you reach your 30’s you’ve gone through some things in life. Trials, tribulations, all kinds of different relationships, phases, failures, triumphs. Each is a learning experience preparing you for what’s to come and making you better equipped to handle it like a boss. By now I know that I can get through anything, because I’ve been through a lot and survived. In your twenties, at least for me, it was a time of exploring different options, from what I wanted to do to the kind of person I want to marry and start a family with.

Now, I know myself well. I know my strengths and weaknesses and use them accordingly. I have a clearer picture of who I am, the impact I want to have and the future I want to create. When you have a clear picture, it’s easier to find the path to take to get there and know that you can.  

So this month I challenge you to look back at all that you’ve accomplished, all the lessons you’ve learned and all the challenges you’ve overcome and recognize your own strength. I think true success and lots of joy come when you really believe that you can accomplish your dreams. 

On a fashion note, I got this bag at Zara, so cute right?! I’m really into polkadots right now lol. 

Much love to you!



  1. Camelia

    May 4

    Love your dress. So lovely bags. Thanks for the photos

  2. J Kimberly

    June 5

    White dots on black and black dots on white :X DOTS EVERYWERE…love the outfit, love your vibe!

  3. Kimberly

    June 5

    Black dots on white and white dots on black :X

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