At the start of every month I try to write down a mantra to carry me through the month and help me with whatever I’m working on. I decided that I will be sharing these mantras with you guys and I hope that they will inspire you in someway and perhaps help set your intentions for the month. April’s mantra is


I’ve been feeling stagnant in my businesses (Amber Spray Tans and this blog) lately and have really been brainstorming why and how I can change that. One thing I realized is that since I’ve been doing both for so long I’ve become very comfortable where I’m at, doing the same thing, relying on the same clients to come in and publishing the same type of content I’ve been publishing for years. It’s cozy here in my comfort zone. I know what to expect, I don’t have any risk of failing because I’m just sticking to whats always worked. The fact is, that is not a recipe for growth.

Growth only occurs in a state of discomfort…and I, like most, don’t like being uncomfortable. 

However, if you choose to get a little uncomfortable and push yourself, some really amazing things happen. Whether that’s trying a new workout class that you were intimidated to go to but then you fall in love with it and it helps you reach your fitness goals. Or you go to that networking event that you knew would be a little awkward because you’d have to strike up conversations with strangers but you ended up making some great connections.  

Accepting that the early stages of growth or change can be uncomfortable, and then pushing yourself through it is always rewarding. 

Fear has really kept me inside my comfort zone. Fear of being judged on the internet or social media, fear I couldn’t handle growing my businesses any bigger, fear that I won’t find the right people to support me when that growth happens. Fear has stopped me from realizing my full potential and that is why I’m deciding that even though it’s scary, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. 

What is holding you inside your comfort zone? What steps do you think you could take to push yourself to get out of that cozy, comfortable safe zone and help you grow in an area of your life you’ve been wanting to improve? 

I hope this post gave you a little encouragement! You are amazing and I can’t wait to hear all the great things that stepping out of your comfort zone helps you accomplish! I love hearing from you so be sure to comment or dm me on Instagram




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