Cold and rainy New York weather called for a casual, sassy outfit


After coffee we visited the gorgeous Sézane store. The store did not disappoint and felt like you were visiting the cutest boutique in Paris. 

Everyday they have fresh French pastries as well as coffee and tea if you need a break from shopping. 

Their clothes and accessories are stunning but I loved their perfumes, soaps, cards and candles. They all smelled so good and made great gifts! 

Before the shows we stopped by the Bollaré gifting suit. It was set up like a 50’s cafe and we got to have La Croix floats while shopping some new arrivals from some of my favorite brands! 



The Milly show was so cool and unique. There was a DJ, champagne and snacks were served in the space before while everyone hung out and took photos with the colorful backdrop. It really set the tone for the vibrant show. 


Bold, colorful, and monochrome made for some to die for looks.

With Michelle Smith, the designer. 


We saw a Bibhu show in Panama and actually got to have lunch with Bibhu himself and his team. They were such an awesome group and we were so excited to be able to see his show in NY. Let me tell you, he did not disappoint with this collection. 

Striking designs with a mix of colors and textures made each piece a work of art. 

NYFW is something that I have always dreamed about since I was very young so each time I am so grateful that blogging has granted me with the opportunity to attend and be in the presence of so many people I admire and look up to. 



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