Everything You Need To Know About Botox

To be honest I’ve been a little nervous about posting about botox. It’s so common these days and yet there still can be a little judgement and stigma that comes with it. I mean, I judged some of my friends for doing it! I would tell them that they didn’t need it because they didn’t even have bad wrinkles and that they wouldn’t be able to move their face when they were older! Clearly I had not done my research. I’m 29 years old and last year I started to notice how the smile lines around my eyes were getting longer and showed when I was not smiling. My makeup would crease a little and it was just annoying me a bit. When I learned that botox not only helps that wrinkle out right away but also prevents it from getting worse, I started to reconsider doing it. Let me tell you I’m so glad I did.

I’m not saying I think that everyone should get botox, that is such a personal choice. I just wanted to share this to shed some light on the misconceptions I had about botox. If you’re interested in getting botox check out the video below where Taylor from Restorative Injectables answers all of my questions about botox. I love that Taylor is all about conservative injections and makes it a priority that no one should be able to tell you got injections, you just look really good. If you are in Denver, I cannot recommend Taylor and her team enough.


If you haven’t already, check out my post about my Microneedling treatments with Taylor here.



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