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So as I mentioned in this post, Taylor from Restorative Injectables got me on a new skincare regiment to combat my dryness, improve the texture and start preventing aging. I have been using Revision Skincare for months now and I can’t tell you what a huge difference it’s made in my skin. I’ve never felt bad without makeup on but now I feel CONFIDENT going fresh faced. 

MY ROUTINE I start with a freshly cleansed face, then apply the Vitamin C Lotion (just in the AM), I let that absorb for a bit and follow it with the HA5 formula. While that is setting in I apply the eye cream around my orbital bone. Finally, I put on the face cream on my face and a little on my neck as well. If it’s the day time I follow that with the Intellishade Original, my favorite product! 

Okay let me break it down for ya! 

Vitamin C 30 % Lotion  This brightening lotion has really helped in fading some of my discolorations and my skin overall looks much brighter, firmer and smoother. It has made such a difference!

HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator  I’m seriously indebted to this product. Not only has it helped my dryness but it has made my skin look tighter. Like I feel like I got botox on my forehead and it’s amazing! I can’t explain how good I feel now that I am taking care of my skin’s future. 

D E J Face Cream  Living in Colorado can be tough on the skin, because it is sooo dry. I really love this face cream! It is very hydrating without being overly greasy, it absorbs into the skin fast. I do feel it helped smoothing out some of my fine lines, my skin feels supple and smooth and perfectly hydrated.

The Tinted Moisturizer This tinted moisturizer is MY FAVORITE thing! It’s a great light weight tinted moisturizer and gives your skin an amazing dewy look. It helps cover discolorations, redness and gives you a more even skin tone. I’m crazy about my spf, especially on my face so the fact that it has spf 45, hydrates and provides a light coverage all in one product. It’s great for the days you don’t want heavy makeup, but want a little something. I feel completely confident going out with just this on my face.


D E J Eye Cream  I smile a lot and am a little self conscious about my crows feet and I also am pretty much always burning the candle at both ends and it shows under my eyes. This eye cream has anti-aging properties as well as peptides so it not only helps reduce fine lines but also makes my under eye firmer and brighter! Winning! 
The Black Mask Not going to lie, I have a love/hate relationship with this mask. It truly purges your pores and gets allllll that stuff out of there. Be prepared for that gunk to come to the surface after you use it. Because of that I wouldn’t do it before a big event, maybe a week to a week and a half before just to be safe. I liked that it didn’t overly dry me out, I really don’t have oily skin so that is always a concern when I do masks. After the impurities go away your skin will feel very soft and radiant after. 
I urge you guys to start thinking about your skincare routine and finding one that works for you. I’ve tried so many different products but sticking with a specific regiment and talking to someone like Taylor who is so knowledgeable made all the difference! 

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