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There’s something about a crisp white button up. It’s classic. It’s versitle. It’s great for layering. It’s a closet staple. This one via Banana Republic is so fantastic because it’s perfectly tailored-not too fitted but not too oversized. I think my favorite way to wear a white button up would be with a great pair of denim and a loafer. Simple, yet chic. The I felt very go-go girl in this outfit but kinda loved it. I’m so obsessed with these studded boots from Forever21. They are so fun but the neutral color makes them super wearable.

Banana Republic‘s spring campaign is all about what moves you. What moves you emotionally and physically. I contemplated this question for awhile and couldn’t really decide on just one thing that moves me. I’ve been moved by so many things in my life recently. 

I’m moved by Adele sharing her Grammy and honoring Beyonce in the way she did. What a beautiful example of women supporting and loving each other. Also, Adele was right, Beyonce was so raw for Lemonade and empowered so many people with that album.  And yes, both of these beautiful women’s music moves me. 

Sunglasses: WearMe Pro

My 82 year old grandmother was recently moved into a memory care facility after living on her own for years. I know this has been so hard for her. She’s in a different state than her family, she’s confused and from the reminder notes I saw on her nightstand when I visited, I know she’s frustrated. Yet every single time we talk on the phone she is still fiesty, funny, sweet and upbeat as ever. Our conversations, although repetitive, are as meaningful as ever. They move me. 

*Nails by Ella Bliss Beauty Bar

Seeing  (via Insta stories) all the creative and beautiful collections move down the runway at this NYFW and all the stylish bloggers dominate street style, that moves me. 

See what I mean? Just the right amount of tailoring but not so fitted it looks stiff or confined. Also, When did my hair get so long?! I feel like I blinked and it was super long. 

Watching my mom go against doctor’s recommendations in order to listen to her body, her intuition and fight her disease in a way that feels right for her. Watching her keep at it even though it’s a slow process and frankly a pain in the ass. That moves me. Watching my dad support her through it. That moves me. 


There are days when wind is your worst enemy if you are trying to shoot a blog post, this day I really feel like the wind just wanted to show off the ruffle detail on this skirt. It’s so flirty and just perfect for spring. I adore this color combination. The pinky-nude shade compliments the green so well, but it would look gorgeous with a light cream cashmere sweater. 

Kind gestures from strangers, big or small, paying for your coffee or fighting for your rights. THAT moves me.  

SO fam, I would love to know, what moves you? 

Thank you Banana Republic for sponsoring this post. 



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