How To Be Single During The Holidays

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The holidays are my favorite time of year! I love the decorations, the giving, the food, the movies, the music, the sparkles! It’s all so warm and fuzzy, except the holidays also can make you painfully aware of your relationship status, or lack there of. With all of the holiday gatherings it would be nice to have some arm candy, someone to cuddle with on a cold night and someone to buy cute gifts for. I’ve been disappointed over and over again romantically the past couple of years and so I recently wrote myself a letter to revisit when I’m feeling down about my single status. It’s human nature to want a person to share things (like the holidays) with but that doesn’t mean that just any person will do. So if you are feeling down this holiday or are healing from relationships past, keep your chin up. This too shall pass, time heals all wounds and all of those other cliches that are annoyingly true. Hold on to the fact that you are waiting it out for the right person. It’s better to be single than to settle for less than you deserve. I hope that this letter to you uplifts your spirits and reminds you that something great is on its way to you and you never know when it will show up. After all, it is the most magical time of the year and you never know what could happen! <3

Dear You,

I know that what I’m about to say won’t necessarily make things easier or sting any less. It won’t stop you from wondering why certain things didn’t work out the way you hoped. But just know that nothing that is meant for you will not be yours. When you look back, it’s clear that you’ve never lost someone worth keeping. So be brave and patient enough to stand alone while you wait for what you deserve. Because you deserve it all. You deserve someone who cares for you, someone who cheers you on as you run towards your goals, you deserve honesty and loyalty, respect and openness. You deserve all of these things because these are the things you bring to the table. Your love should not be met with anything less than an equal love. Be patient because a love so great takes time.

This journey, however rocky, is preparing you, and your man is out there becoming the best version of himself for you as well. There are no mistakes and when it finally is right, you will know. You will know because it won’t feel like you are trying to squeeze yourself into his life, he will make space for you because he wants you there. He will listen and validate your feelings instead of labeling you or making you feel “too sensitive” “emotional” or “dramatic”. He will not manipulate you or critize your character to try and make you into what he wants. He will value your time and your words. He will only have eyes for you and will be proud to call you his woman. You will know because he will make you feel happy and safe, not sad and insecure. His actions won’t be inconsistent and his words won’t be half-hearted because he won’t say things just because that’s what he thinks you want to hear.

You will know because you will both be striving for a fulfilling, long lasting relationship filled with laughter, adventure, mutual support, trust and love.

So as you end this year and move into the next, do it with grace and confidence because although you are single, you are not alone. You have you and you are an intelligent, hard working, big hearted, beautiful woman who will get everything she deserves, when the time is right.



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