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As you may remember from this post and this post, I have been doing some training with Niccole of Peak 8 Fitness.

She is a rock star. While I have really enjoyed going to the gym and working with her there, there was a week in which our schedules did not work out and we could not find time to workout. This actually ended up being the perfect opportunity to try her online program for a week.

This included a full week program designed for me and sent to me via email. Niccole creates a workout routine that fits with your goals, fitness level and the equipment you have available to you. Like in her in person training sessions, each exercise and circuit is detailed with clear instructions on reps or times.

I had planned on doing the workouts in the gym but as it turns out when you don’t schedule your workouts things come up and suddenly there’s no time left to get your booty to the gym. Luckily, Niccole was on hand via email and I was able to make a few equipment adjustments and do my workout right from home! I ended up doing that the entire week and I have to say I liked it. I blasted some good workout tunes and put my booty to work in between appointments and emails. I was able to do the cardio exercises outside in the evening when it wasn’t super hot out. It was nice working out outside!

The most important thing for me was that Niccole was there if I had any questions about anything. Whether it was about a specific exercise or nutrition I felt comfortable to reach out to her and ask.

This is such a great program for the person whose schedule is so hectic and they just need to get their workout in on their own time. I also really like the fact that unlike other online programs, this is much more personal and hands on.



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