Munchery Plaid Box Review

July 7
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Munchery Plaid box ingredients for Sweet Tamarind-glazed salmon dinner

Unless you are living under a rock I’m sure you have seen the food delivery services that provide you with ingredients and recipes shipped right to your door. I have been dying to try them out and was so excited to give Plaid Box a try.

To start you get to customize your menu based on your dietary needs and likes. Then they put together dinners for you based on your preferences. If you don’t like the meals they have chosen you are able to swap them out for other options. They send you 3 meals at a time. I was shocked at all the packaging and how fresh all of the food was.

Not only did it come with all of the ingredients but I also got the cutest apron. Random fact; I have never actually owned an apron before! I kind of love it and have started to wear it in the kitchen all the time. Makes me feel extra domestic #wifeymaterial

The directions were really easy, they break it down into simple steps and each meal only takes about 15mins!! Which is perfect for me because I am pretty much on the go non-stop and tend to cook the same quick meals over and over again.

They also give little tips and info on each recipe card, like what is the plantain –how to cook it and the different flavors it has based on how ripe it is. Or how to cut the veggies to make the presentation picture perfect like a restaurant. I fully plan on using this to impress my next dinner guest #wifeymaterial



*This post was sponsored by Munchery, as always all opinions are my own

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