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Amber from Every Once In a style and Niccole from peak 8 fitness
For the most part I simply get regular exercise, try to eat clean and focusing on feeling healthy. Diets and gyms just aren’t my thang. I like going to fitness classes, however it can be hard getting my booty to class. So I decided to switch things up and work with this fantastic and empowering woman, Niccole founder of Peak 8 Fitness. I was introduced to Niccole through a mutual friend and we immediately hit it off. It’s hard not to get along with someone so positive and energetic. Her passion for her work is contagious and it made me super excited to work with her. Having a set up meeting with a trainer guarantees that I will get my workout in. I didn’t really have a goal of losing weight but wanted to really tighten and tone.

Week One & Two

Niccole provided me with a grocery shopping list and a meal plan. I used a lot of her suggestions for meals (they were delicious) but did my own thing at times too. The thing I love about Niccole is that she is committed to working with your lifestyle and goals. I can get obsessive about food and have learned over the years that a strict diets doesn’t work for me. I keep a food log so that Niccole can let me know what I need more of and what I need to watch i.e. more protein, less salt and more water! Read more about hydration an nutrition here

Amber from Every Once In a style and Niccole from peak 8 fitness showing off ambers fitness progressThe Workout

I’m working with Niccole two days a week and then doing light exercise throughout the week like walking my dog or a yoga class. The first week I was soooore. Like, my thighs hurt when they jiggle while I walk. We do the workouts with our mutual friend, so Niccole sets up mini circuits and we trade off doing the exercises. This keeps it fun (we seriously don’t do the same exercise twice) and my heart rate gets up there! I really like having two workout buddies to talk to and help keep my mind occupied, it makes working out feel more like social hour. By the second week I already felt stronger and by the end of the second week I was already getting compliments on my arms looking more toned. Woohoo!! 

Look out for the next post about this fitness journey. 

Peak 8 fitness denver

If you’re in the Denver area check out Niccole’s bootcamps! If you aren’t here in Colorado Niccole has online options



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