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Zella Scoop Hot Pink Jacket | New Balance Sneakers  | Fabletics Cut Out Leggings Sudio Vasa Headphones c/o

Happy Friday! 

So I’m going to get real with you guys, for the past 3 (or more) months I have really not been exercising regularly. Which is very unlike me. I like to be active and feel healthy and strong but I just have really been unmotivated. Maybe it was the cold, snowy winter that made it tough for me to want to even leave the house. I mean this was my first winter back in Colorado after 9 years of warm weather year round in California. Any who, it’s April and I decided it’s reaallly time to get myself back in shape. Nothing motivates me more to work out than a great workout playlist. I’ve been working and jamming out using my Sudio Sweden headphones that seriously are studio quality. Other headphones can tend to be uncomfortable for me to wear but these have 4 different sized ear sleeves to make sure you have the perfect fit. I also love the anti-tangle cable and the slim leather case to keep them in. 

I am so excited to have teamed up with Sudio Sweden to offer you guys and exclusive discount when you use code: EveryOnce15

Here are a few more cute activewear picks that hopefully will get you in the mood move that booty and get that spring and summer bod back with me! 



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