How To Be Your Own Valentine

February 4

Valentines Day Gifts

Forever21 Yoga Mat | Swell Water BottleFresh Relaxing Bath Salts | Baies Scented Candle | Easy Tiger ‘Yay’ Champagne Flute | Bauble Bar Healer Crystal Cuff | TopShop Teddy Bear Bath Robe | 

I’m sure we are all well aware of the fact that Valentine’s Day is about a week away. It seems like every store is full of gifts and candy for your lover, making me feel extra single. But instead of wallowing in my single-ness I decided to make Valentine’s Day plans with myself. To be my own Valentine! Because honestly, having a day to do whatever the heck I want and pamper myself actually sounds pretty darn amazing! So above is a gift guide on what to get yourself for V-day and below are my plans and suggestions on how to be  your own Valentine. 

First off, buy yourself a gift that will be delivered, like this adorable XO Foil Heart from Minted to go on your wall. It’s so cute and a new piece of art can really change and brighten a room up. On Valentine’s day we’ll start with a workout, I like yoga and I may even just get myself a cute new yoga mat to let everyone know I’m headed to my happy place. Then I’m going to take myself to the mall and treat myself to some new jewelry. I am obsessing over the natural crystal trend right now and need some more of it in my life! After shopping I plan on getting myself a bottle of Rose, lighting a candle and taking a relaxing bath. I’m a sucker for cozy robes so then I’m going to cuddle up in a robe, put on a face mask, order take out and catch up on all my favorite TV shows and possibly just binge watch the rest of the night. And that my friends is the way to do Valentine’s Day when you’re single. 

If yoga and baths aren’t your thing, get dressed up and go out with your friends! Do whatever makes you feel loved. I know Valentine’s Day is for lover’s but let’s spin it and make it about feeling loved whether you’re in a relationship or not. 



  1. Amanda

    February 5

    I LOVE this post! Firstly, everything in your gift guide is adorable and making me want to go shopping. Secondly, who doesn’t love a little pampering?! Hope you have the best day!

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