Stripes On Stripes

how to wear stripes on stripes

red white and blue outfit

nautical stripped outfit

red white and blue stripes outfit

Vince Camuto burgundy sunglasses

striped linen pants and striped sweater

fourth of july outfit idea

rebecca minkoff astor saddle bag

stripes on stripes nautical

In case you haven’t been shopping online or browsing the stores, stripes are all the rage. Now I love me some stripes but they can be a bit tricky. If the width and the direction are on point stripes can make you look taller, thinner and just be super flattering. However, done wrong and hello broad shoulders or wide frame. I love this top because the wide stripes and varied widths and colors hit in all the right places. The pants are great because the stripes are thin and spaced out making my legs look long and lean (can’t beat that)! Mixing stripes is a gamble but totally do-able. Just make sure that the two stripes vary in width and spacing and you stick with a basic color palate. Now go out there and get yourself some stripes! 



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