Winter Whites

December 31



Happy New Year’s Eve! 

I’m so excited to get 2016 going! I have learned and grown so much this year and am grateful for all of my experiences. I’m ready for a great upcoming year and I hope that you all feel the same! 

It doesn’t get much chic-er than a white, fur lined coat, white cowl neck sweater and white hat in a winter wonderland. I paired it with bright denim, camel boots and a leopard Clare V clutch to stay in a neutral palate. The sunglasses are from where you can swap out endless designer sunglasses for a monthly subscription of only $24! Get a month free when you use the code everyonceinastyle. 

Have a fun and safe New Year’s everyone! 



  1. Frances

    January 3

    Thanks for the helpful gift guide! Happy New Year!

  2. Maximilian

    January 4

    Those photos are stunning!

  3. Maximilian

    January 4

    Gorgeous pictures! Love this look!

  4. Oliver

    January 5

    This casual outfit is absolutely incredible!

  5. Emma

    February 17

    Thanks for the helpful gift guide! Those photos are stunning!

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