What To Do And Where To Eat In Napa

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you know that I went to Napa to visit a friend. We flew into San Francisco and decided to spend the day there. The best way to see San Fran is by the trolly, so we took that around and ended up in China Town where we had the best lunch. It really feels like you are no longer in California with all the tiny shops in the alley ways, colorful buildings and tons of tiny markets with a bunch of items that I had never seen before. 
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/home/everyonc/public html/wp content/uploads/2015/10/Every Once in a Style IMG 99841We walked around the Ferry Building where we naturally had some wine and sampled tons of different olive oils before taking the ferry across the bay. It was the best way to watch the sunset.

/home/everyonc/public html/wp content/uploads/2015/10/Every Once in a Style IMG 9990The next day we went into Sonoma and had breakfast at a pretty awesome diner called The Fremont Diner where you can sit outside on colorful picnic benches, the biscuits come in buckets and mimosas in mason jars. Not only was the food awesome (famous for their chicken and waffles) but the atmosphere and the gift shop are super cool. 

 Of course we had to make our way to a big pumpkin patch where we immediately turned into little kids again running through the field trying to find the best pumpkin for our fall party that night. We even rode the hay slide which ended up leaving bruises on our back but was totally worth it and I got on a tractor for the first time, totally looked like I belonged on there 😉 

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Fall snacks: pumpkin cookies and sweet potato jack o lanterns

Finally came time for the wine tasting. The vineyards were so breathtaking. 


This was the last bunch of fruit of the season and we got to watch them bring it in, pour it in a huge machine and then two guys pick out the stems and bad grapes by hand. 


The last vineyard we went to was Reverie and it was for sure my favorite. The leaves were changing throughout the vines and the whole property. You get to walk through these gorgeous pathways and end up in a circle surrounded by the tallest red woods. It was so peaceful and magical I of course forgot to take photos because I was so mesmerized but I highly recommend going for a visit. 


Other recommendations:

Busters BBQ – when they say the hot sauce is hot, they mean it but it is soooo good. 

Zuzu – Everything was so delicious but you must try the Bacalao.



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