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How To Make A Living Room Cozy With An Area Rug x Rugs USA

June 3

  I am in no way a decor aficionado. So I was a little overwhelmed the I was moving into my new apartment and pretty much starting from scratch. I knew what direction I wanted to go but had a limited budget and expensive taste. I look at Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration from the

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Redecorating with Scandinavian Posters

January 17
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I am constantly rearranging and organizing my place, but the beginning of the year I always do a huge overhaul and get rid of old things and reorganize. I was so excited to team up with Desenio to add some super adorable art prints to my workspace. It’s kind of amazing how a few new things

Redecorating With Minted

February 19
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Redecorating my living space has been an ongoing process. I decided to stick with a light, neutral colors with metallic accents. Wall art can really make a huge difference in a room. The right print or painting can pull everything together and dictate the vibe for the space. Which is why I absolutely loved this California Foiled Map and

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Modani Modern Living Room

January 14
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Hello, I’ve entered Modani.com a style challenge to create a living room that reflects my style. I’ve gotten more and more into interiors lately and have so much fun decorating my apartment and coming up with ways to switch things around and make it fresh. With this living room vision board I made I started