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My Top 5 Dry Shampoos

We’ve all been there, a busy weekend turns into a crazy Monday morning, and before you know it you are running out the door to work or school without the time to wash the weekend out of your hair, so you reach for your dry shampoo of choice. There are so many options out there, […]

Ella Bliss Beauty Bar

When I moved to Denver I had to completely start fresh with finding all of my beauty and spa services. I had to find a new place for hair, nails, skin, and my occasional massage. It has honestly been a daunting task because it’s not always as easy to find quality services. I’ve actually had […]

function of beauty personalized shampoo and conditioner

Function of Beauty

Not gonna lie, I kinda like having my name on my shampoo and conditioner bottles. Makes me feel prettay cool. Besides the cool factor, Function of Beauty is really amazing, personalized hair care. Honestly it’s genius. I am always using so many products to deal with my wavy hair and dry scalp and now there […]

Mirakle Cream

Guys. It is freaking DRY in Colorado. It’s also winter which make things extra dry which is really rough on my skin. To remedy my dry skin I’ve been using Mirakle Cream from the Better Skin Co. and let me tell you, this stuff really is a miracle worker! What I like most about this cream are […]