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How To Make A Living Room Cozy With An Area Rug x Rugs USA

June 3

  I am in no way a decor aficionado. So I was a little overwhelmed the I was moving into my new apartment and pretty much starting from scratch. I knew what direction I wanted to go but had a limited budget and expensive taste. I look at Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration from the

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Redecorating With Minted

February 19
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Redecorating my living space has been an ongoing process. I decided to stick with a light, neutral colors with metallic accents. Wall art can really make a huge difference in a room. The right print or painting can pull everything together and dictate the vibe for the space. Which is why I absolutely loved this California Foiled Map and

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Reflect Your Style

June 29
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A month ago I moved. This was a huge deal to me because it is the first time that I’ve lived alone. Roommates can be fun but I have to say I love living alone. One of the most exciting things was decorating my new place exactly how I wanted it. It’s been a month