Hi there!

I’m Amber and thank you for stopping by my blog, Every Once in a Style.

I’m a fashion and beauty obsessed gal from Denver who has loved styling outfits since I was a little girl. I even used to dress up, think up a photo shoot concept and have my mom take pictures of me and here we are 20+ years later still doing it!

My Ah-mazing mom Kim is my photographer, my right hand, my sidekick and my bestie. This blog and me would be nowhere with out her.

Now that I’ve had my sappy moment back to how my blog life started. 

I had always loved fashion and my Godmother happened to be a fashion designer in LA. I would go visit her every summer, go to work with her and dream about moving there one day. The summer when I was 13, I went to work with her and designed a couple of swim suits that not only made the line but were sold all over in stores like Macy’s and Dillard’s. Seeing my creations being sold in stores was a crazy good feeling. I was sure that fashion designing was my destiny.

Straight out of high school I went to FIDM and quickly realized that I didn’t want to design but rather be a stylist, so I majored in Visual Communications. From there I went to a small school in Hollywood to get my Bachelor’s Degree. While there I had an entrepreneurship class where I wrote a business plan for my spray tan business Amber Spray Tans.

After college I did freelance work in the fashion industry and did mobile spray tans. I did an array of fashion jobs, everything from working on a small indy horror film to editorial and e-commerce to closet organizing and personal shopping. In the midst of all of this I started reading fashion and style blogs and decided to create my own as a hobby and place to be creative and have control over my creativity.

After nearly 9 years in Los Angeles, I decided to move back to Denver to be closer to my family and focus on my true passion, blogging. 

I love the blogosphere so much, it has really made me grow and changed my life in ways I never imagined. I love sharing my style, my obsessions, my thoughts and little insights into my life with you all. I love all of the inspiration I get from this world and hopefully I inspire you as well.




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