New York Fashion Week is one of the most exciting and important weeks as a fashion blogger. This was my second NYFW and to be honest, I almost didn’t make it. Preparing for Fashion Week takes so much time and energy. As a blogger, you have to email PR companies, showrooms and any contact you can think of weeks before for invites to runway shows, presentations, events or set up in person meetings. You are surrounded by some of the most important people in the fashion industry so every outfit has to be eye catching, which means landing clothing collaborations and shopping prior are a must. Then you have to make sure that you don’t over or under book yourself, leave enough time in between to get to the next event, take some photos and hopefully fit food in there. It’s a lot of planning and pressure. 

I almost didn’t go this season because I was a little overwhelmed and stressed out at the thought of the to-do list. As many of you know, I also have a spray tan company here in Denver, Amber Spray Tans, and keeping up on both can be a difficult balancing act. Luckily, my girls Chic Talk and Darling Be Daring reminded me of just how lucky I am to have the opportunity to go and that I need to seize this opportunity because you never know if you’ll get another one. Fashion and blogging are such deep loves of mine but before I left I was feeling uninspired and a bit lost in both. Thankfully, New York Fashion Week was there to help bring my passion back to life and get me excited about my future in this industry. 

The first day we had free time before the LANYU show later in the day so I opted for a casual denim and sweater look. It was freezing so a cozy faux fur was a must. 



Going to Fashion Week with blogger friends is one of the best parts. I’m so lucky I get to share Fashion Week with these two amazing, talented ladies, Desiré and Carolina. Not only does it make it so much easier when taking photos and getting around, but you get to geek out about the thing you all love over wine and french fries after a long, fashion filled day. 

We were determined to hit up as many of the cute coffee shops and restaurants we had been eyeing on Instagram as we could and let me tell you, New York did not disappoint. The first stop, Maman, happen to be walking distance from our hotel and was so good we went back for our last meal before we jetted home. 

The entire place is filled with little details that transport you all the way to the South of France. Everything on the menu was delicious from the deconstructed avocado toast to the pan au chocolat. 

I have to say getting dressed by the designer’s who’s show I’m attending always sounded so glamorous but it seemed like that was something only celebrities and the “big” bloggers got to do. So you can imagine how excited and humbled I was that the LANYU team asked us to wear LANYU designs to the show! It was so fun going to the studio and trying on different looks. I ended up going with this stunning silver lace up dress, I’m not going to lie, it kinda felt like it was made for me. The fit and the way the fabric laid was a dream and I felt like a million bucks.

I paired it with some over the knee boots, a structured grey coat for a monochrome look and a classic black bag. 

The LANYU show was the show that I wanted to literally go back stage and purchase the pieces to wear straight off the runway. The romantic and whimsical collection had a soft white, cream and ivory color palate with soft pastel pops. LANYU showcased classic, structured silhouettes with a twist and added elements of movement to each piece. Feminine lace and beaded details, sometimes with unexpected placement, made each piece fresh and unique. Some photos from the show are below but you can view the full collection here.

Stay tuned for more NYFW posts to come! 



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