I am so excited to share a money saving mobile app,  Blinker that allows anyone to finally buy, sell, finance and refinance cars themselves, without having to go to the dealership or bank to do it! I love any app that make my life easier and saves me time so Blinker is right up my alley. If you are selling a car, refinancing or getting a loan, with Blinker it’s as easy as snapping a photo. 
Selling your car yourself has never been easier or safer. All you have to do is take a of photo of your car and Blinker will tell you the value of your car, so you know exactly how to list it. The best part is that you’ll earn more money on your car by selling it though the app since there are no middle men or fees. The free app is available in Colorado, Texas, Florida and now California and people are already earning an average of $3,000 more
than trading in at the dealership! 
If you are buying, selling, financing or refinancing your car, download the app!
Selling your car? For a limited time enter my code AMBERW and list your car for sale, you’ll earn $200 when it sells! Click HERE to download and be sure to check out Blinker’s awesome referral program!

Getting a loan and buying a car is just as simple. Their mobile app makes the approval process as simple as taking a photo of your driver’s license and you’ll see your loan terms in just a few minutes. Once you prequalified with Blinker they will let you know your budget so that you get to start shopping and will know what you monthly payment will be on the vehicles that your qualified for and interested in. Sound pretty easy? Because it is!  Blinker even let’s you put a down payment on a car.

I always love to read reviews on things before using or purchasing, check out Blinker’s user reviews here

Blinker’s customer service is always available to answer any questions you have.



*This post was sponsored by Blinker. As always, all thoughts are my own. 

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