Merry Christmas

December 25
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Merry Christmas!! 

I hope today you are able to spend time surrounded by your loved ones. I feel very grateful that I have my amazing family that I get to spend this magical holiday with and I do not take that for granted. Christmas is the perfect time to practice gratitude and I really wanted to say thank you to you guys, my readers. Thank you so much for following along, for your comments, support and feedback. It’s been a quite a year and I have really enjoyed sharing it with you all. I am truly grateful for you and am wishing you so much love, peace and blessings today and everyday <3



  1. Larry

    January 3

    I just watched the bachelor, and I can’t believe Arie didn”t pic you!
    Just wanted to tell you that he is an idiot and you are the prettiest woman on the planet!

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