Camel Coat Two Ways For Winter


One style of coat that I absolutely love is a classic camel coat. Camel coats always look extra chic and look great on everyone. I mean, they can make even a sweatshirt and sneakers look pulled together and dressed up!  


I went for a casual, monochromatic look here. Even though I was super comfy in my sweatshirt and sneakers, the structured bag and coat make this outfit look dressier.


Sooo I guess I’m really into sweatshirts right now haha! This one from Pretty Little Things is perfect because it’s the “it” color, red. This time I opted for matching slouchy booties that I am so obsessed with. Sadly these ones had to go back because I didn’t notice when they arrived that there was a defect on the suede 🙁 I was going to repurchase but they were sold out in my size. I was super bummed and had I known I probably would have kept them, defect and all. 

Can you guys believe how fast this month went by?! It doesn’t really feel like Christmas to me yet because usually by now Denver has had some snow but this year there has hardly been any. That’s all about to change by the end of the week though! Hopefully I’ll get some good, snowy pics to share with you guys. Be sure to follow me on Instagram 



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