Fashion Week Panama

Panama Fashion Week

Hopefully we are friends on Instagram and were able to follow along on my trip to Panama for Fashion Week with my girls Chic Talk, Darling Be Darning and Moda Prints. We had such a blast exploring Panama, ate too many empanadas, danced the night away and sat front row at a ton of fashion shows! It was one for the books to say the least. 

Fashion Week Panama had so many amazing designers showing their lines. I saw lots of bell bottoms, ruffles and statement jewelry in many of the lines. Red eyeshadow and easy pony tails were also making a statement in the shows. There were so many shows so it’s difficult to play favorites but I really enjoyed Pinkfilosofy, Carlo Carrizosa, Daniel Espinosa and Bibhu Mohapatra

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Panama is a big city with tall skyscrapers and the hustle and bustle like any other city. Then a little ways outside the city sits Casco Viejo. Casco Viejo has such character, with beautiful buildings, hotels and cute streets. I highly recommend brunch at The American Trade Hotel (make sure you look good because you’ll want to take photos in every corner), dinner at Casa Casco (the second level is sushi and is amazing) and then dancing at Santa Ana. Casa Casco also has good food on the bottom level, a night club on the third level and a night lounge on the roof! A lot of time can be spent at Casa Casco haha! 

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One thing that was just a must-see on the trip was obviously the Panama Canal. We got to go have dinner at the Atlantic Pacific restaurant right on the canal. It is crazy to see and just know the importance of it. I’ve never seen such humongous ships in my life! 

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My amazing friend, Carolina designed this “Sí al amor” t-shirt which means, yes to love. I really love the message behind this tee and it is so Carolina. She is such a light and always inspires me with her compassion for others. Not only does it have such a great message but it is suuuuper soft you guys! I went with the black cap sleeve but I love the white too. I really wanted to wear it in an unexpected way on this trip and so I paired it with this ruffle skirt, but it is the perfect tee to wear with denim and a jacket and loafers or sweater and boots. I love a good everyday tee. Makes an amazing gift too! 

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On Friday we took a tour of the Biomuseo where we got to eat Panamanian food prepared by the awarded chef of the year! After the museum we went back to Casco Viejo to prance around the pretty streets and have a coffee. Tucked away in Casco Viejo is Franklin Panama. Franklin Panama is this beautiful boutique that has the most gorgeous silk scarves that are inspired by the Molas. Molas are a tradition piece of clothing worn by the indigenous people of Panama. Franklin Panama is one of a kind in that they are the only place with a license to use the Molas as inspiration. Clara (pictured below) is a Panamanian woman who still lives and dress in traditional garments. She makes all of the bracelets sold in Franklin Panama and might be the sweetest woman alive. 

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Panamanian people are beyond friendly but everyone will assume that you speak Spanish and just start talking to you. A lot of people can speak English though so just ask :). I highly recommend eating as many empanadas as you can!! I am also a sucker for arepas and patacones (smashed and fried plantains!). I hope that Panama has been added to your list of places to visit! If you have any questions about Panama or my trip leave them in the comments below! 


Thank you Fashion Week Panama, Decapolis Panama and Visit Panama for this amazing opportunity and trip!



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