Cynthia Rowley Slate Metallic Slip Dress


Happy weekend everyone!

I realize I have been slacking on the posts on here and my social media but these last few weeks of summer have been so crazy at Amber Spray Tans it’s been hard to keep up with anything else. It’s crazy to work so hard for something and realize your hard work is fully paying off. I remember at the beginning of the year I had a goal for how many tans I wanted to do per week and how many new clients I wanted to bring in and I have exceeded both! 

Anywho, THIS slip dress. When I was visiting (my second home) Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago I stopped into the super cute Cynthia Rowley pop-up in Culver City. I had some fun trying on different looks in the store and posting them on my Insta stories and of course one for the gram in this shimmery number. To my disbelief, the Cynthia Rowley team saw the photo of me in the dress, decided I had to have it and sent it to me for keeps!! I have never felt more like Carrie Bradshaw in my life!!!! 

The dress is just stunning. The way it reflects the light when you move and walk is so gorgeous and even though it’s shimmery it doesn’t necessarily feel super dressy. You could really get away with wearing this to so many things without feeling like you’re overdoing it and that’s what I love most about it. Slip dresses just have an elegant, yet effortless vibe to them to begin with so this is just the perfect mix. 

This dainty druzy necklace was given to me by a little boutique in Boulder called Adorned. Their store is the perfect place to pick up gifts and what is so awesome and unique about Adorned is that their items are all handmade by women in Colorado

I’ve also been wearing these simple bracelets with sayings on them via Charming Charlie with an added one from my girl’s that says “You Are My Person”. Nothing better than jewelry with meaning behind it <3



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