Propel Fitness Festival Recap

Thank you to Propel Electrolyte Water for sponsoring this post and putting on such an epic weekend of workouts! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

You may have seen on my Insta my trip to LA for the Propel Fitness Festival! My fabulous and fit team of girls had a blast working out at the final Co:Labs and couldn’t believe that our sweat filled summer was coming to an end. Hopefully, you’ve been following along and have read about all the amazing Co:Lab workouts that Propel Water has put on around the country (see HERE).

This final festival was one for the books with top trainers, mash-up classes, celebrity and musical guests plus all the electrolyte water you need to get through all the amazing, sweat filled workouts.  

The weekend of events was held at Quiote Studios in West Hollywood and was transformed into the most magical playground of all things health and fitness including Dream Pops, Sweet Greens, Bandier pop-up, you could get your hair braided and ready for your next workout or get a quick massage to help you recover! It was pretty amazing! 

I started off the weekend by dancing my booty off in the Vixen Workout by Janet Jones. I grew up dancing so this was right up my alley and man did I feel like a hot little vixen! Janet is so good at helping you get lost in the moment and feel like you are on stage performing at the VMA’s. You move non-stop so it’s great for burning those calories and the music is popping so you forget that you are even working out! 

My second favorite thing (I’ll get to my first later) about this summer long partnership with Propel Water was the opportunity to experience so many different workouts that I would never normally go to on my own. Each trainer and class was so unique, had amazing, positive energy and had something wonderful to offer. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and check out a new type of workout, I guarantee you’ll get more out of pushing yourself than you ever expected. Of course any workout is great BUT check out the list of Propel trainers here to see if there are any in your area! 

Another class that I really wanted to touch on was Yoga For Bad People. I’m sure you all know my now how much I truly love yoga. Yoga changed my life and will always be home base for me. Heather led the class in a dome shaped room with a sensory light on the wall behind her that flowed and changed color based on the energy in the room. What I love about Heather is her sense of humor within the class. I think there is a common perception that yoga is very serious and you have to be completely zen and adhere to strict rules, that’s where the “bad people” comes into play. You can deepen your practice, have a great class and have a laugh or two in between. Yoga For Bad People host retreats all around the world, I hope to attend one and if you love yoga and have a good sense of humor, you should too. 

Next, class I am just dying to tell you guys about is the Inscape Meditation. I love that meditation is really making it’s way into the mainstream and that the benefits are being so widely recognized. In our on the go, always connected world it is so important to give your mind the time and attention it needs. Inscape has classes in NYC but you can access their amazing guided meditations through their app 

I cannot leave this post without explaining the COOLEST class I have ever taken. Propel matched up Prevail Boxing and Big Boi! It was one of the best workouts I’ve ever had combined with an awesome concert that my high school/college self was dying over. Prevail is one of the most intense, sweaty workouts I’ve ever done and couldn’t have made it through without replenishing my electrolytes with Propel. The energy in this was INSANE. I wish I had more footage and photos but I was living in the moment, boxing and jamming to all the old Outkast songs, plus I would have had to take my gloves off and that wasn’t happening lol. SO I put together a little video below just so you can get a full scope of how amazing the festival was and at the end there are a few clips of this amazing class! 

I have to give a special thank you to Propel Water for bringing this group of unbelievable women together to sweat it out this summer. When we started this we had no idea that we would be creating friendships that will last well beyond the summer. They have taught me so much, pushed me, inspired me and supported me as if we had been friends for years. Propel not only has great taste in flavors but great taste in bloggers (pun fail lol). 



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