Propel Denver Co:Labs Recap

HUGE thank you to Propel Water for sponsoring this post and the Co:Labs here in Denver! As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I was SO stoked to take part in the super fun Co:Labs here in Denver! If you missed this post then let me catch you up, Propel hosted some seriously ugly workouts with some of the best trainers here in Denver. Classes were offered at Fitness in the City, Fit36 and there was a pop-up of Barry’s Bootcamp. I was able to make it to the circuit workout at Fitness in the City and Barry’s Bootcamp. Both were so fun and such amazing workouts and of course there was plenty of Propel electrolyte water to help us get through them and replace what we lost in sweat, and boy did we sweat! I was so glad that I was able to bring my friends to these workouts because let’s be honest, working out with friends is just better! I wish I could have made it to every workout but let me just say I can’t recommend Fitness in the City enough. I’ve gone back multiple times now and each class has been challenging, fun, filled with great energy and good people! 

If you live in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York there’s still time to sign up for the Co:Labs in your city HERE! The workouts are FREE so be sure to check them out!! 



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