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I am in no way a decor aficionado. So I was a little overwhelmed the I was moving into my new apartment and pretty much starting from scratch. I knew what direction I wanted to go but had a limited budget and expensive taste. I look at Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration from the pros and slowly but surely was able to piece it together. It still isn’t perfect and is missing a lot of details and accents, potentially a chair, some plants etc. but it’s starting to feel like my home.

This rug was the last piece that I had purchased or ordered to arrive after my move and I didn’t even realize what a HUGE piece it was. Without the rug the apartment felt empty and incomplete, especially because I have plank flooring. It was echoing and did not feel inviting to sit and mingle in. That’s where Rugs USA came in and put the finishing touch on the living room. I wanted a clean, cozy, glam feel to my apartment and without the rug it just felt empty and glam. I was majorly missing the cozy. I knew Rugs USA was the way to go when it came to finding a rug because their selection is unbeatable and their prices are amazing. They are having a MAJOR SALE until June 5th so check it out! After realizing what a huge difference this made in this room I’m getting a runner rug for the hallway and one for my workspace!

I was a tad scared getting a white rug but I could not help myself, I just loved this shag rug so much! It’s so Insta worthy haha! I love the double diamond design and the way it’s not sold black lines. It’s the perfect way to add a cozy feel to any room and section off the living area since it’s an open floor plan (which I LOVE) and feeds right into the kitchen on the other side (not pictured). 

I knew I wanted some blush accents, I had already bought my headboard which is blush and I figured I’d add a couple other small blush things to just tie it all together. Then one day I was browsing on LetGo and I saw this couch. I had been loving all of the blush couches I was seeing in places like Anthropolgie and Neiman Marcus but of course they were waaaay out of my budget. This couch was $150!! I couldn’t believe it! I had to have it and I figured if I tire of the color I won’t be upset replacing it because I didn’t spend a fortune on it. 

Obviously my dog B loves it too. 

Like I said, it’s definitely not finished yet but I’m loving the way it’s all turning out so far in large part to this amazing rug and they way it just ties the whole living area together. I will continue to share photos with you guys as I finish furnishing and decorating the place. 




*This rug was given to me by Rugs USA but as always, all opinions are my own.

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