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These days people are always trying to find ways to live their best lives and that includes figuring out which health trends are worth it. I’ve been seeing IV Hydration places popping up around town and online and mostly promoting helping people cure hangovers, but found out that it is SO much more. What caught my attention and made me want to try it out are the immense health benefits. Not only are you getting hydrated, you are getting your vitamins put directly into your blood stream for 100% absorption! I decided I had to give it a shot! 


I went to ONUS IV Hydration in the Highlands here in Denver and met with owners Chaz and Kristy. They are both so passionate about their business and providing a service that helps people. I was able to chat with Chaz and get the background on ONUS, which started in a van hydrating mostly athletes. IV Hydration is perfect for Colorado because not only do we have a dry climate but we are at high levels of altitude and if you are mountain biking, rock climbing or taking part in the many physical activities Colorado offers IV hydration can help you with muscle recovery and dehydration. If you ever have a friend in for vacation that isn’t feeling well from altitude sickness, get them to ONUS IV Hydration so that they can actually enjoy being in beautiful Colorado! After sometime in the van and gaining popularity with many professional athletes including several Broncos players, ONUS moved into a space shared with Denver Sports Recovery. Now they are expanding and are getting ready to open a huge location in the Denver Tech Center this Summer! 


Now about my experience. 

I went in on a Saturday morning feeling extremely fatigued. I’ve been going non-stop the last couple of weeks and just felt exhausted. I also had done a couple of intense workouts and was feeling some muscle soreness. After telling Chaz how I was feeling he recommended I do the John Myers Cocktail. This is the original saline and vitamin cocktail and contains calcium, magnesium, vitamin c and b. Obviously, each vitamin helps with so many things but the benefits that stood out to me was that calcium helps with muscular system health, magnesium reduces cortisol levels reducing stress, vitamin c improves skin and supports immune system and vitamin B is great for physical and metal energy as well as anxiety and depression. 

I got comfy in one of their lounge chairs propped a blanket under my arm and one of their qualified nurses hooked me up. I’m not a huge fan of needles (who is though, right?) but she made it super easy, comfortable and it was in no way painful. They raise the drips so that your body takes it in at it’s own rate, which was about 30 minutes for me. You just sit back and relax, have some tea, play a video game if you like and soak in all the benefits. 

The environment at ONUS is extremely comfortable and chill but if you are more into the idea of doing it at home, they offer mobile hydration! You could even throw a IV party! I’m actually pitching the idea to the group of girls that I’ll be doing a bachelorette weekend with. 

I definitely felt more awake while I was still in the process. After I was done, the rest of the day just felt good. I don’t know how to describe the feeling other than you just feel like you’re at your best. My muscle soreness had dissipated, I felt alert, had energy and was in a great mood. Chaz told me to look out for a glow-y look to my skin and he was right! You can definitely see a difference in your skin when you are hydrated and have that Vitamin C helping you out. Beauty benefits too?! I’ll take it! 

IV Hydration can help with jet-lag, colds and flu, fatigue, dehydration, weight-loss, muscle recovery, altitude sickness and yes, hangovers. But it’s also good to just go on the regular to maintain your health. As I said you’re getting 100% of those vitamins that you usually lose 70-80% of when they go through your gastrointestinal tract. Everyone is different, if you are super athletic you may want to go every week to help you perform at your best or maybe once a month is enough for you. Either way, incorporating IV hydration into your life is the healthy thing to do.

*Mention this post and get $10 OFF your first trial! 

*This post was sponsored by ONUS IV Hydration. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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