25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Hi guys! Happy Friday! So I decided to do something a little bit different today and share some things that you may not know about me. I’m sure I’ve mentioned some of the below at some point but I tried to keep these fresh to give you a little more insight into my life. 

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  1. I have freckles everywhere. Legs, arms, shoulders, face, stomach, back, everywhere. I hated them so much as a young girl I secretly bought skin bleach to try and make them disappear. Now I love them and think they are one of my most unique traits. 
  2.  Mexican food is my favorite. 
  3. I hate to run. If you want to torture me, make me run. 
  4. I’m an only child and have always wanted a sister, one that I got along with of course. 
  5. I’ve been single for 4 years! It feels like forever since I’ve been in love with someone. I’ve obviously dated, but anyone I’ve been close to getting serious with has ended in heartache. I won’t lie, that has made me a little more cautious when dating these days. 
  6. Going off of that last one, I’m a big believer in everything happens for a reason and that things fall into place at the right time. 
  7. I *try* to meditate everyday. I definitely fall out of routine but meditating is so helpful in keeping me present, balanced and grounded, especially since I’m on my phone and computer so much. 
  8. I am a total believer in manifestation and what you think creates your reality. Be positive, grateful and a good person! It’s just the better way to walk through life. amber from every once in a style wearing | a little black dress
  9. I was bullied from elementary alllll the way through high school. It was brutal. Girls can be so vicious and I was never good at standing up for myself, which is probably why I was bullied. I’m stronger because of it today though. 
  10. I had 18 roommates from college through 2014. Now I live alone and no more roommates for me! I did live in a dorm and a 4 bedroom house which is how I racked up such a big number, but still. 
  11. My new apartment is the nicest place I’ve ever lived and the first place I’ve lived that has a pool! (tour coming soon)
  12. My mom’s best friend from 7th grade is my godmother and her daughter is my goddaughter. 
  13. Growing up I was positive I was going to be a fashion designer. I even designed a few swimsuits when I was 14 that actually got in a line and was sold at Macy’s and several other stores. Then half way through my first semester at FIDM I changed majors to visual communications to focus on styling instead of design. 
  14. In middle school I was voted “Most Fashionable” but had to share the title with another girl, and was pissed about it. Then in high school I was runner up for the title, and was pissed about it. 
  15. I worked at an Irish pub in L.A. where I had to wear a “kilt” and knee high socks. It sounds super embarrassing but actually I had some really great times and learned some of my most valuable life lessons working in that bar. 
  16. I wrote and performed slam poetry in college. I loved it as an outlet to express myself but I was not good. At all. amber every once in a style is wearing | crop top | high waisted levi's \
  17. I love to cuddle. I could cuddle all day. 
  18. Current celebrity crush is Chris Pratt but Zac Efron will always have a place in my heart haha! 
  19. I don’t understand how people pick just one favorite movie! Mean Girls, Wedding Crashers and Love Actually are my top three if I absolutely had to choose. 
  20. I can be really stubborn (I’m a Taurus). I know this about myself but when I’m being stubborn it’s hard for me to take a step back and recognize I’m being stubborn in that moment. 
  21. I’m not much of a thrill seeker. Sky diving, motorcycles, shark diving and *ish like that don’t really interest me. I don’t get it. Like, I’m not tryin’ to die, I’m tryin’ to live! 
  22. Halloween is the worst. Don’t like scary movies, don’t like haunted houses, hay rides or anything where someone in a creepy costume chases me with a chainsaw. No thank you. 
  23. I sometimes say mean things when I drink too much tequila. 
  24. My most exciting celebrity sighting when I lived in LA was seeing Quentin Taratino at the Honey Baked Ham (so random, don’t know why we were even there) in Burbank. I was with a few friends at the next table and he was going over a script and discussing shots with this guy. He kept getting up and acting things out and describing them. We ate in silence trying to listen in and much later realized he was talking about Django! So cool. 
  25. Bella is the first puppy I’ve ever owned. I adopted her when she was about 5 months. She is my dog child and my favorite little nugget. I can’t even express how much I love her. amber from every once in a style wearing | logo t shirt | black denim shorts

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  1. the cape on the corner says:

    love your couch with your rug…and with no roommate you must really be enjoying decorating with no one else’s input. dog child, yes, i totally get that. my cat is my daughter, and i don’t care how crazy that sounds. halloween is my faaaave, like, my fave. it’s the whole time of year not really the scary stuff. enjoyed getting to know more about you.


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