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You may have heard me talk about moving into a new apartment recently. My dream apartment to be specific. When I started looking at what I wanted to take with me one thing that I really wanted was a new bed, including my mattress. I kept seeing Tuft & Needle pop up on my computer and my Insta feed. The mattress in a box concept was super cute and convenient but I have to say I was really nervous not being able to test out a mattress before committing to it. After two bloggers that I love and trust posted excellent reviews I decided it was worth shot! Once I looked into it, I saw that Tuft & Needle offer a 100 night return policy and that put my mind at ease. 

Pro #1

After exploring the Tuft & Needle website and seeing their philosophy and even more amazing reviews I was super stoked to partner up with them and share my experience with you guys! Let me just say, their customer service is unbelievable. They check in with you throughout the whole process from delivery, to how to unpack and checking in to see how your first few night’s sleep is going. Any questions or problems, they are there to help! 


Pro #2

Now for all the nitty gritty. Moving is hectic and moving an awkward, heavy mattress while trying to make sure it doesn’t get dirty is a pain. Having this come in a box made it SO much easier. 

Pro #3

It’s affordable. You aren’t going to break the bank getting this mattress, a Cali King is only $750!! AND there’s a 10 year warranty.

Pro #4 

My previous mattress was getting a little up there in age, not to mention I was having severe lower back pain. It wasn’t my first thought that my mattress was the culprit but I wasn’t getting restful sleep, I was tossing and turning and struggling to get comfortable. Then a few nights a week I started waking up in the middle of the night in such bad pain that I had to take ib profen. I began to suspect that my mattress was at a minimum not helping the problem. A week in sleeping on Tuft & Needle and guess what? I’ve had zero back pain. Zero. I expected it to take a little while to get used to the new surface but the first night of sleep I found that sleeping on my back (something I never do) felt comfortable because of the support. I am seriously amazed at how comfortable, cool and supportive the mattress is. I’m so happy to finally be getting an uniterupted night’s sleep and waking up without any pain!


I hope if you are in the market for a new mattress you give Tuft & Needle a shot because I swear you will not regret it! 

This post was sponsored by Tuft & Needle, all opinions (as always) are my own. 




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