Next Level Hydration with Propel and the Denver Co:Labs!

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Summer is almost here guys!! I don’t know about you but I’m counting down the days. I think as summer approaches we all kick our healthy eating and fitness into high gear to get that summer body, am I right? It’s all about feeling confident in our tanks (both regular and bro), shorts and swimsuits! 

I wish you could see my legs in this photo because I was actually doing pull-ups. That is my real pull-up face haha! 

With kicking up your fitness routine AND the weather getting warmer we are all sweating more. The more you are sweating, the more electrolytes you need to replace what you’ve lost in sweat. That’s of course where Propel comes in! It is the only fitness water with enough electrolytes for when we are working hard and sweating it out. 

Hydration is SO important just in general but especially for those of us dedicated to that fit life. Propel is from the makers of Gatorade and is made for passionate exercisers and those leading active lifestyles (hello everyone in Denver) and needs that hydration support. Propel enhanced fitness water gives us next level hydration which allows us to push through the ugliest workouts. 

I love that Propel comes in a variety of  flavors (my favorites being the Peach) and of course has just good old plain water (with electrolytes of course). This year they are adding the Watermelon flavor! This is hands down the best in my opinion. 

I’m super pumped to announce that the Co:Labs in Denver are taking place June 6th-9th.

These Co:Labs are FREE!! Propel just wants to bring the fitness community together to “Get Ugly” and have the awesome opportunity to sweat with Denver’s hottest fitness instructors and studios. How exciting that Barry’s Bootcamp will also be doing a pop-up! Sign up from the link below!

I’ll be attending Fitness in the City at 6pm on Tuesday and Barry’s Bootcamp on Wednesday at 7pm so come and say hi and let’s get ugly together! 

One last thing babes! Since we are already working out, wouldn’t it be cool to get rewarded?!

Propel has partnered up with Under Armour Map My Fitness app to celebrate all of our hard work at the gym. You can get point-based prized through Propel Sweat Rewards from May15-July 15th by tracking your progress through the app. Your progress will be tracked through the app, the more you sweat=the more points you get.

There are fitness challenges leading all the way up to the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival held in Los Angeles in August. If you earn enough points you’ll also be entered to win a trip to the festival and attend a private workout with Gunnar Peterson and a $500 Under Armour gift card! 

For more details on the point structure and prizes, to sign up and for contest rules, visit:



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  1. Halee Watel says:

    Where are the Barry’s Bootcamp classes taking place? I’ve taken class in several other cities, so I’m elated to participate in Denver. However, I’ve seen conflicting information regarding location. I also signed up on the Propel website, but never received a confirmation. Any info would be great!



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