Color Crush: Red

May 19
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Don’t worry guys, I’m alive! I know it’s been over a week since I’ve blogged and have barely kept up on my social media, let’s just say my life has been hectic the past couple of weeks. I went to visit my grandma, I moved into a new apartment, had family come into town 2 days later, celebrated my birthday (I’m 29!) and have had some of the busiest weeks ever at Amber Spray Tans. I hate it when the blog falls behind because of the rest of my life but sometimes finding that perfect balance is impossible. But I’m settled into my new place (photos and tour coming soon) and I’m catching up on everything so we should be back to our regular posting schedule! 🙂 Thanks of baring with me. 

Pretty much denim obsessed these days. Aren’t we all. I can’t really express just how happy I am that Levi’s are such a thing right now. I LOVE them. 

Red is such a power color and makes such a statement and for whatever reason I don’t usually gravitate towards it. However, recently I’m just a big old heart eye emoji for all things red. Especially these shooooeees. I mean come on, they are so fabulous even guys walking by me during this shoot were like damn those shoes are bomb! 

Just as a heads up, I’m going to be going through a rebrand soon. It’s something I’ve gone back and forth about doing for literally a year now and it just feels like time. I feel like I’ve not only out grown Every Once in a Style but so many people have a difficult time remembering it. I think to move on to the next phase it’s time for a change. I will keep you guys updated and let you know when any of my social media handles change and of course my site will be redirected to the new domain so just stay tuned and we’ll get through this together lol!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! 



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