The Best Lip Colors for Spring and Summer 2017

Happy Monday! 

Me and my girl Desire’ from Darling Be Daring go together and picked our favorite lip colors for spring and summer. Their bright, bold and will no doubt inspire some really fun makeup looks in the upcoming months! 

On Me
Dior Rose Caprice – I LOVE this bright barbie pink! With such a bold color I’d keep the rest of my makeup super natural, which is great for summer when you don’t want to wear a ton of makeup anyways. 
MAC x Chris Chang Plum Princess – Des and I had a long discussion on how a lavender lip can be amazing for kinda scary haha! We love this one because it’s not super shocking like some purple lips can be and it looks good on both of our skin tones. 
Rouge Dior Nude 123 – A good nude is necessary for every season. This one has a light sheen to it making it really stand out on your summer (spray) tan. 
GLO Gloss in Flamingo – This gloss has been a go to of mine for a long time. I just love the orange-pink shade. 

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