Beat the Winter Blues with John Atencio

When an event involves cupcakes, prosecco and diamonds, you can pretty much count on my presence. You feel me? Last week I got to attend a cute event at John Atencio in Cherry Creek Shopping Center. It was called “Beat the Winter Blues” and we sure did. Not only was it nearly 70 degrees out but we lifted our spirits by learning about and trying on all kinds of gorgeous jewels with an emphasis on tanzanites and blue topaz.

John Atencio has been in the jewelry business for more than forty years. His passion for jewelry making really shows in his distinctive, unique and often one of a kind pieces. 

This photo of his signature tanzanite rings and earrings don’t do the color justice. You really have to see these gems dancing in the light and all the colors reflected in person. 

These pieces are from The Pinnacle Collection and feature these stunning tanzanite gems. I think the earrings are so classy.

The staff at John Atencio is great! They are fun loving and all have a passion for the jewelry, I have no doubt they are fantastic at helping customers select the perfect piece. 

The Venture Collection is super unique and has so many different colored stones to offer. I really love the rose gold bangle. It’s oval shape ensured that it wouldn’t turn over on even the most petite of wrists (like mine). 

This, although not on our blue theme, was my favorite piece in the store. I mean of course I picked the biggest rock in the place hahaha! But just look at it! I’m just a heart eye emoji over here. When you looked at the ring sideways you could see the entirety of the diamond and it was hard to take your eyes away. 

If you are in the Denver area or visit that you take time to check out John Atencio and all of Cherry Creek Shopping Center.



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