My New Favorite Hair Tools by T3 Micro


I’ve always admired the beautiful packaging and design of the T3 tools, I mean just look at them. On top of being beautiful they are also powerful. I have pretty thick hair that takes a long time to dry and style, especially now that it’s super long again. I love that the Featherweight Luxe dries my hair super fast and even though I always use heat guard, it emits negative ions and infrared heat so that it also keeps your hair looking healthy and shiny. It really is light as a feather too! 

Can you believe I haven’t owned a straightening iron in almost 2 years?! My last one konked out on me and because I curl my hair more than straighten it (due to the effort to control my frizz) I kinda forgot to replace it. When I got the Single Pass Luxe Straightening Iron my life and views of straight hair changed. One, it heats up so fast it’s crazy. Two, I have frizzy hair and your really do only need one pass to make your hair straight, shiny and silky. Three, it has a one hour auto off for when I’m an irresponsible adult. I got a ton of compliments my straight hair it is my new favorite tool! 


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