Best Products to Help Your Spray Tan Last

Using the right products after a spray tan can greatly affect the life of the tan and how it fades! Using the wrong products (or doing any of these) can make your tan splotchy and uneven. After years of spray tanning and experimenting with different products here is a list of the ones that will work with your tan and not against it. 


Hempz Original Invigorating Herbal Body Wash

Norvell Amber Sun pH Sunless Cleanser

Australian Gold Sulfate Free Body Wash

LOTION – some of these have gradual tan in them which will help maintain your tan

Hempz Original Body Lotion

Norvell Amber Sun Skin Repairing Body Butter

Kate Somerville Somerville360° Tan Enhancing Moisturizer

St. Tropez Moisturizer


EXFOLIATORS – it’s okay to use a scrub with oil the day before your tan but not the day of. If you do use one the day of be sure to really rinse off any oil because it will create a barrier for the tan. 

Million Dollar Tan Exfoliating Mitt

Belloccio Set of 2 Tanning Exfoliating Mitts

Exfoliating Glove

Dry/Wet Brush

Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub

Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Formula


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