New Beauty Product Reviews

  1. Osmotics Blue Copper Anti Aging Body Lift – Every girl needs a little lifting and firming! I use this on my bust, back of my thighs, booty and neck. I honestly feel like I have seen an improvement in my skin texture. Only down side is it is a little smelly. 
  2. Nugg Deep Cleaning Face Mask – Makes my skin super soft and gives it a nice glow! Awesome price and it was named best by Allure Magazine so you know it’s good. 
  3. GOsmile Teeth Whitening Gel – To keep it real with you, people have always asked what I use on my teeth to keep them white and honestly I usually just use tooth paste. I drink a lot of coffee and have seen my teeth starting to look a little dingy and this has helped. I can’t say it’s made a HUGE difference but definitely made them a little brighter. Also, doesn’t make my teeth sensitive like most brightners do. 
  4. Frownies Facial Patches – These aren’t the most comfortable things to sleep in, they feel like papermache on your face. HOWEVER, I noticed they do lessen the appearance of my wrinkles, especially for a few hours when I first take them off. The idea behind this is muscle memory so I’m hoping that these help me stay away from Botox since I’ve started using them when my wrinkles aren’t that bad 🙂 
  5. Que Bella Eye Masks – Under eye bags have all of a sudden started happening and it is NOT cute. These babies help me look rested, hydrated and ready to go. Hallelujah. 



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