10 Things You Need to Bring to New York Fashion Week

beauty essentials for NYFW; dry bar, living proof, kate somerville tan towelette, scott barnes body bling, sole serum

This is my first time going to NYWF but this isn’t my first time to New York and I’m sure with the hustle and bustle of Fashion Week I am going to need the help of some beauty products to make sure I look my best. Here are my 10 essentials:

  1. Dry Bar Money Maker – I’ll definitely be needing hairspray to keep whatever my style is in place for a long day. I like that it’s flexible hold so my hair will still have movement and it smells fantastic.
  2. Dry Bar Detox Dry Shampoo – After a day of running from shows and meetings and humidity I’m sure I’ll need to freshen up my flat and shiny roots with some dry shampoo. 
  3. Dry Bar Hot Toddy Heat and UV Protectant – I’ll be putting some serious heat on my hair so I’ll obvi need protectant to keep my hair healthy. 
  4. Kate Somerville Self Tanning Towelette – I for sure will have a spray tan before I go but humidity can really take a toll on spray tans. I love these towelettes for touch ups. 
  5. Scott Barnes Body Bling Platinum – This stuff makes legs look amazing! The shimmer lotion has such a pretty glow, like JLo glow that’s great for photos and a hint of a tint to give or enhance your tan. 
  6. Living Proof Humidity Shield – Self explanatory.
  7. Frownies Eye Gel – To help my tired under eye situation. They are organic and in 30 minutes help reduce fine lines and any dark circles! 
  8. Evian Facial Spray – I always use this when I travel. Anyone else feels like airplanes suck all the moisture from your skin?! It’s TSA approved, so no worries there. It also helps freshen, tone and remove perspiration from your skin. 
  9. Sole Serum – I am planning on bringing flats (to walk long distances in) but let’s be honest, we all know how much I love my heels and they will inevitably kill my poor tootsies! This stuff is seriously a lifesaver! It instantly makes my feet feel better and helps me wear heels longer. Seriously amazing and fits in any purse. Unless your purse is super duper tiny. 
  10. Blister Block – Nothing worse than a blister! I get them so much on the backs of my ankles and they are killers. Bandaids never stay on back there so your left walking around with a painfully exposed blister. The worst. Better just prevent it. 



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