Polished Pink Skirt

amber from every once in a style wearing pink split hem belted chic wish skirt

amber from every once in a style wearing a chic wish pink belted skirt office attire

amber from every once in a style wearing a pink skirt from chic wish and a palm print charming charlie bag

Pink belted split hem chic wish skirt with palm print charming charlie bag

amber from every once in a style wearing an updated office look

amber from every once in a style wearing a chic wish pink belted skirt and white pumps


Pink Belted Split Hem Skirt via Chic Wish

Pleated White Tank (similar) 

White Pump 

Palm Print Bag (similar)

Happy Friday babes!! 

This Allure split hem skirt from Chic Wish really lives up to it’s name. It is the perfect combination of polished and sassy. I love the sleek, professional illusion it gives but then there’s the slit which shows off some leg. The color is perfection and the belt gives such a nice waistline. I kept my top and accessories simple to make the skirt the main focus but you could definitely wear it with a black crop top and sexy heels for a totally different look. 

Lately I’ve been really evaluating my style and thinking about my niche in this blogging world. So many of my favorite bloggers have such specific style i.e. casual California girl, boho goddess or decked in designer. I feel like my style fluctuates so much depending on my mood and where I’m going. I talked to my friend Kathryn, who is also in the fashion industry, about this and she put it perfectly. She said, “Some days I want to be JLo and others I’m bringing out my best Jackie O.”. Lately I’ve been into super feminine pieces but I bought a pair of Timberland boots and I’m dying to rock them in the fall. As a blogger I should probably have my style nailed down to a concise sentence but, I don’t. There are days where I want to frolic around in a bohemian dress and there are days when I look like I belong to a country club. That’s just my style. 



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