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In case you missed my last post, I am currently working with my miracle worker trainer, Niccole of Peak 8 Fitness. During these 6 weeks we are training in the gym together, making changes to my eating habits, as well as giving her online program a try for a week!

I started altering my diet right away. I eat fairly healthy already so the main changes were, more protein, more water and less salt (I realllly like sriracha). What I liked most about the meals Niccole provided me were the simple changes I could make that I had never thought of on my own. She had me using lots of ingredients that I haven’t used before that add different flavors to meals. For instance, rice cakes (Lundberg brown rice cakes to be exact). I have never tried rice cakes but they make a great alternative to bread! I now swap it out for breakfast. So instead of avo toast I mash the avo on the rice cake and add spices or add almond butter with bananas and sprinkle both with hemp hearts for added protein. They come in so many flavors and are great for on the go! I love turkey sandwiches for lunch, so I also swapped in the rice cake and dressed it as a sandwich with hummus and veggies. While working out I naturally started craving healthier foods and was hungrier than normal due to all the booty kickin’ Niccole was doing in the gym so had me upping my protein which I gladly obliged. Smoothies have been my go-to breakfast, they are just the perfect summer breakfast. I love trying out new combos, the smoothie bowl above had Vega Protein & Greens, almond milk, frozen blueberries, frozen black berries, dark cherries, flax-seed oil, chia seeds and a few dark chocolate chips. Yum! 

Like I mentioned in my previous post Niccole is great about working with you. She learns about your lifestyle so that she can provide you with tips on how to make this something you can maintain. She also provides you with a grocery list with brands that she likes AND a whole meal plan that is built to work with your workouts. She provides so many recipes so you can easily mix and match. Not to mention you can read her blog and she has lots of recipes and tips on staying healthy, especially with the busy schedules we all keep.

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