Casual Camo

Army green express dress with camp shirt and frye boots

Spring army green outfit frye boots

army green express dress spring outfit

spring army green camo outfit

criss cross back army green dress

army green dress, came shirt and ray bans

frye boots, army green dress, rebecca mink bag

spring dress with camo shirt

Happy Friday!!

I hope this week treated you well! As I was reorganizing my closet (as I do often) I stumbled upon these old Frye boots that I’ve had since I went to FIDM back in 2006 (man that feels like a long time ago). I also was reminded my favorite vintage cowboy boots passed down from my mom were buried back there, can’t wait to find a way to rock those. Of course I knew in the back of my head I had theses boots but I just haven’t worn them in forever, so I decided to give them new life. Adding a clunky boot can really make an outfit stand out. I love pairing mine with dresses and skirts, even the super feminine ones, to add dimension to a look. Here, the army green color of the dress and the camo shirt make this outfit have a rugged vibe, but still has sex appeal because the dress is form fitting, the dainty straps and back details. It was fun bustin’ out the old boots and I hope this inspires you to rock an item in your closet you haven’t shown love to in awhile. After all, with fashion, it all comes back around. 

In other news I am celebrating my 28th birthday tonight! (actual bday on Monday) Going to get some Mexican food and margaritas with my gals. Follow along on Snapchat: AmberWilk2



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