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So if you have been following my blog for awhile you may have noticed that I don’t really wear flats. In real life I do have a few flats and I throw on my UGG boots pretty often but I really don’t like the way I photograph in flats. I’m only 5’2 and I feel like my legs look stumpy, also heels put me in a different state of mind. I feel more confident and assertive (all in my head, I know) but fashion is about what makes you feel good and heels make me feel good. HOWEVER, sneakers are IN. They’ve been getting bigger and bigger for a long time and I’ve resisted them for long enough, the time has come to embrace them. I personally just got a pair of New Balance and am most likely going to get the all white Adidas Superstar . Although I really do like the athleisure trend going on, I also am looking forward to pairing my trainers with cute skirts and dresses. The feminine silhouettes will off set the casual, athletic vibe of the shoes. So if you’re like me I encourage you to give this trend a try, you’re feet will thank you! Above are a few styles that I’m lusting over. If you are on the shorter side I recommend going for a light, neutral color that won’t cut off your leg to start, they will be more versatile. 



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  1. wyatt says:

    Yes, come to the athleisure side :). Plus there are so many cute ways to style your sneaks with everyday clothes. Like you said, pairing them with a skirt is lots of fun!!. Even pairing some of your heels with “athliesure” tops and bottoms #winning


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