5 Things To Do In The Morning For A Successful Day


I wish that I was one of those people who spring out of bed, happy, awake and ready to conquer the day, but I am not. I am the hit snooze a thousand times, reluctantly roll out of bed and first thing have a giant cup of coffee before I can function kinda gal. It can take me awhile to wake up and get moving which I have realized greatly affects how much I get done in a day.  Being an entrepreneur I have control over my schedule and I have to be self motivating, which can be challenge. Having a flexible schedule has it’s benefits and I certainly don’t take it for granted, but I’ve found that having a structured and routine morning really sets me up for a successful and productive day. I challenged myself to get up early and stick to this routine and there is no question I have accomplished more, been in a better mood and had more energy. Here is my morning routine.

  1. Wake up at the same time everyday. I’m sure you’ve heard this and there’s a reason for it. It’s always difficult at first but no snoozing and getting up at the same time sets up a routine that your body and mind will adjust to. I’m sure you’ve also heard the early bird catches the worm, and it’s true. Even though I’m not a morning person I always get more done when I start early.                                                  
  2. Meditate. Before I even get out of bed I always think of a few things I am grateful for which helps start the day on the right foot. I also do a 10-15 minute meditation or visualize achieving my goals. It is the best way to clear your mind and have a positive outlook on the day ahead.
  3. Exercise. Exercise is a moving mediation and clears your mind, helps relieve stress, have energy for the day and promotes a positive attitude. Sometimes I can’t get my full workout or yoga class in until later in the day but at a minimum I stretch, walk my dog or jog around my neighborhood. 
  4. Make a To-Do List. My brain is always going in ten different directions and it can be difficult to stay focused but having a list and checking one thing off at a time helps me stay organized. Seeing what I need to get done in writing also helps me have my priorities and goals in order. Which leads me to….
  5. Get the thing you are dreading done first. You know that thing on your list that you want to put off the most, resist and check it off first. When that is out of the way everything else feels like a walk in the park and you won’t have that task in the back of your head all day, thinking about how much you don’t want to do it because it will already be done. 


I hope this gave you a little inspiration to switch up your morning routine this coming week and see what great things you can accomplish. Happy Sunday my little early birds!



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