I have been feeling so chic in soft, clean color palettes and have been wanting to add more and more nudes to my wardrobe. When I think of a nude dress I immediately envision Carrie in the episode of Sex and the City where she goes on a date with Mr. Big in her “naked dress”. That dress was very naked and I think Carrie is one of the few who could carry off (pun intended ;)) that kind of a nude dress. However, there are so many other, less intimidating ways to wear the simple shade. If you want to go for a sexy dress or skirt make sure that it’s midi or maxi length because you don’t want to show too much skin in this color, it will be overwhelming. Nude shoes are a closet staple, no questions asked. They are classic, classy and go with everything, not to mention they streamline the legs and make them look longer. Don’t be afraid to go for a monochromatic look in any shade of nude (it’s okay to add white or camel into the mix too) it is very elongating which is great for me because I am such a shorty. One last tip: be sure to find the shades that compliment your skin tone and don’t match it. 



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